Erwin Tulfo


PTV Weekend Report


PTV Weekend Report was a weekend newscast of PTV-4 from 1987 to 1992 was a anchored by Erwin Tulfo and Erik Espina.


Pangunahing Balita


Pangunahing Balita is the first Filipino language newscast of ABC 5 from March 19, 1962 to September 22, 1972 when DZTM-TV 5 was closed down due to Martial Law.


Hoy Gising!


Hoy Gising! was a TV segment on ABS-CBN. Originally part of the flagship national network news broadcast TV Patrol, it eventually evolved into a legendary long-running public service program. Three years later, Hoy Gising! revived the program again for Saturday afternoon airings as Hoy Gising! Kapamilya.


Magandang Umaga,



Magandang Umaga, Pilipinas (Good Morning, Philippines, formerly known as Alas Singko Y Medya and Magandang Umaga, Bayan) was an early morning show produced by ABS-CBN from 1995 to 2007




Mission X is a former Current Affairs show of ABS-CBN from 2001 to 2002
Host: Erwin Tulfo


ABS-CBN: Insider


The program began on July 28, 2003 anchored by Karen Davila, Cito Beltran and Erwin Tulfo. Its first features were inside stories of the Oakwood Mutiny which transpired a day before. Davila left the newscast on November 19, 2004 to anchor TV Patrol World and she was replaced by Bernadette Sembrano. In 2005, Ces Drilon replaced Sembrano and Dong Puno replaced Erwin Tulfo and Cito Beltran to the newscast.


Magandang Gabi,



The program started on August 21, 1988, it aims is to expose illegalities of some Philippine government officials as well as to render public service to the Filipinos. It continues to hold the title for the leading and longest public service program in the Philippines.


Isumbong Mo:

Tulfo Brothers


Isumbong Mo Kay Tulfo (also known as Isumbong Mo! (Tulfo Brothers)) is a current affairs and investigative news television show in the Philippines, and aired broadcast by Radio Philippines Network.



Aksyon Balita


NewsWatch Aksyon Balita (lit. NewsWatch Action News, formerly RPN Aksyon News later became RPN Aksyon Balita) is the final Filipino-language newscast and the late afternoon news broadcast of Radio Philippines Network in the Philippines.




In 2006, Erwin Tulfo, Ben's younger brother and a contracted but underused employee of ABS-CBN, officially joined Bitag, and Bahala si Bitag was renamed to Bahala sina Ben at Erwin as both would answer calls and discuss subjects on air equally in addition to having his own segment (under the motif Mission-X) on its main show.


Tutok Tulfo


Tutok Tulfo (English: Focus (to) Tulfo) is TV5's first ever investigative news show on TV5. The show is currently hosted by former ABS-CBN, RPN, DZAR, and DZXL anchor Erwin Tulfo, who also hosted Sapul sa Singko and Aksyon as well as Punto Asintado on Radyo5 92.3 News FM.


Sapul sa Singko


Sapul sa Singko, formerly Sapul was a morning show of TV5. The show premiered on April 5, 2010 as Sapul before it was expanded into a three-hour program from its former two-hour time on October 25, 2010 and retitled Sapul sa Singko.


Good Morning Club


Good Morning Club was a morning television program shown on TV5. The show debuted on February 6, 2012. A two-hour program combined from the previous morning shows: Sapul sa Singko and Kumare Club.


T3: Alliance


T3: Alliance (formerly known as T3: Kapatid, Sagot Kita! from 2011 to 2012 and T3: Reload from 2012 to 2014 T3: Enforced 2014 to 2015) is a newsmagazine & public service show on TV5. Hosted by the Tulfo Brothers: Ben, Raffy, & Erwin.




Aksyon, is the flagship national network news program broadcast by TV5 in the Philippines. Its main primetime weeknight edition, also known as Aksyon Prime. In 2014, Aksyon expanded to different editions on weekdays: Aksyon sa Umaga, Aksyon sa Tanghali, and Aksyon Tonite.


Punto Asintado

2012-June 2017

Punto Asintado is one of the pioneer program of Radyo Singko 92.3 News FM.
It started 2010 with his first partner Cheryl Cosim. It is a hard-hitting program like no other. It tackles news and current affairs and shares light issues at the end of the day that will give listeners a good-laugh.
In seven years of service of Erwin Tulfo in Punto Asintado, he partnered several veteran news anchors like Aida Sy and PCO Sec. Martin Andanar. Erwin Tulfo also added a feature in the radio program like Bembang Kalembang, Idulog mo Bes and the much awaited segment Itanong mo sa Dalubhasa.


Kilos Pronto


“KILOS PRONTO” is a copyrighted television production of BITAG MEDIA UNLIMITED INC. (BMUI).


Radyo Pilipinas

News Nationwide

July 2017-Present

It is a flagship news and current affairs in the afternoon of Radyo Pilipinas 738 khz in Metro Manila aired nationwide in the country. It gives news and information from different provinces in the Philippines.


Erwin Tulfo: LIVE

July 2017 - Present

Erwin Tulfo: LIVE is an original program of Erwin Tulfo Center for Media and Public Service Inc.
It started in Erwin Tulfo's facebook page which caters millions of social media listeners and watchers. Erwin Tulfo can interact in his listeners and watchers via his facebook live in this program and give hard hitting opinion and entertainment to his radio listeners. He also have public service segment in this program like Idulog mo Bayan and Itanong mo sa Experto or IMSEX.


Sa Totoo Lang

September 15, 2017 - Present

Sa Totoo Lang is an original program of People’s Television Network or PTV4. Republic of the Philippines President Rodrigo Roa – Duterte and broadcaster Erwin Tulfo hosts the program. They discuss current issues happening in the country, controversies in the government and exposes. This program was made to give information directly to the people of the Philippines from the President itself. It is aired every Friday, 7PM to 8PM in PTV4.

PTV News

September 18, 2017 - Present

It is an evening newscast of People’s Television Network or PTV4. It airs Monday to Friday, from 6PM to 7PM. Erwin Tulfo and Diane Querrer anchors the program along with Ice Martinez.